This, That
Contemporary theatre
and picture book
for 2-5 year olds.
(in development)
Work-in-progress images above
from 'This That'
Creative Development 2 at
ASSITEJ Korea Summer Festival
Seoul, July 2015.





This That will be a visual/physical performance and accompanying picture book for children aged 2-5, celebrating the joy of intercultural encounters & the friendships they can bring, and created in collaboration with Korean performer and performance maker Tak Hoyoung.


Inspired by children’s remarkable capacity to intuitively explore, investigate, & generally to accept the differences of others, the starting premise for This, That is a playful exploration of the extraordinary exchanges that can take place when we meet someone noticeably different to ourselves or those we know. In its completion we imagine children immersed in a rich aesthetic performance space to witness the meeting of three characters. These characters will playfully explore the differences between them, the way they look, the words they speak, the way they move, the things they like.


The playfulness of these characters will resonate deeply with children as this story of difference, negotiation & acceptance unfolds through a mesmerizing combination of movement, physical storytelling & object puppetry, heightened by a rich musical score & production design. 


Director: Thom Browning

Performers/Co-devisors: Tak Hoyoung, Verena Curr, Nathan Stoneham

Dramaturge: Paul Matthews

Producers: Fiona MacDonald, Kim Sangmi


This project is being developed in partnership with the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and ASSITEJ Korea, with the support of Arts Queensland, and the Australia Korea Foundation .


Images: Kim Kyungtae



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