The Play Museum

Multi-Artform Kindergarten 

Residency Project










In The Play Museum, children are experts in play.  Adults are their support staff.  Together we construct, explore, imagine, curate, shape and enjoy play.


This carefully curated multi-artform arts project was created by our artistic team, who worked within the kindergarten community over a ten week residence to develop this enriching arts experience with the children and staff, responding directly to their interests, priorities and ideas.


The project provoked, extended upon and celebrated play, equipped children with skills in group collaboration, deep thinking and reflection, creative problem solving, and introduced them to diverse creative processes and techniques across a range of art forms.


‘The Play Museum’ culminated in an interactive installation event held at Kurilpa. This was an opportunity for carers, family and friends to experience the outcomes of the project, and to see the art works that the children had created over the course of the residency.  Visitors to The Play Museum were able to intereact with various artistic and play based experiences, including sharing conversations and ideas with children and engaging with performances, video and visual art installations.


Originally created with Kurilpa Community Kindergarten in collaboration with children, teachers, and centre staff. 


Artists: Verena Curr, Nathan Stoneham

Producer: Fiona MacDonald


Images: Nathan Stoneham, Verena Curr, Thom Browning




Interested in engaging Imaginary Theatre to condust an artist in residence project like 'The Play Museum' in your community? 


Please contact us and say hello. We'd love to chat about the possibilities. 


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