Theatre for 4-10 year olds

(2006 - 2010)



"Imaginary Theatre’s experience presenting theatre to this age group was apparent from the outset"


Lowdown Magazine, 2010




Step into a world of pirates, princesses, demons and giants as Tashi tells of his amazing adventures in his old country.


Based on Anna Fienberg's ever popular book series for emerging readers, the four Imaginary performers bring alive these exciting stories featuring wild and colourful characters such as the Wicked Baron, Chintu the Giant, the Warlord, Princess Sarashina, as well as a host of others including dragons, swans, and tigers. Imaginary Theatre combine elements of storytelling, object theatre, dramatic play and physical theatre, with imaginative design, sound and lighting to create a truly magical theatre experience.


Director: Mark Radvan

Performer/Devisors: Thom Browning, Joanna Smith, Cameron Hurry,

Nadine Kelly, Courtney Stewart, Stephanie Tandy, Neridah Waters,

Kevin Spink, Bernadette Pryde

Sound Designers/Composers: Thom Browning, Jeremy Neideck

Designer: Maria Cleary

Lighting Designers: David Murray, Scott Barton, Matthew Strachan

Producer/Production Manager: Fiona MacDonald









For teachers, there are endless ways to embed and explore Tashi in your curriculum, but we've come up with a few examples for you in two comprehensive Teachers' resources, featuring four of our Tashi performances.


DOWNLOAD: Tashi & the Mountain of White Tigers, Tashi: Lost in the City Education Resource PDF (1.9 MB)


DOWNLOAD: Tashi The Swan & The Dragon, Tashi and the Big Stinker - Education Resource - PDF (2.1 MB)


For parents, there are countless ways to explore TASHI and the wonders of live theatre before, after and at home with your family, but to assist you in making the most of attending the show, we have created this resource featuring two of our Tashi performances.


DOWNLOAD: Tashi & the Mountain of White Tigers, Tashi: Lost in the City Parents Resource PDF (1.9 MB)


You can also access many more Tashi based resources at www.tashibooks.com



Over 63,000 children, parents and carers have attended these original theatre works since they were first developed as a QUT student theatre project for the 2004 Out of the Box Festival and with repeat seasons at Brisbane Powerhouse (2004, 2005) and at South Korea's Seoul International Picture Book Festival 2005. Since Imaginary Theatre was founded in 2006, Tashi has been produced professionally at the 2006 Out of the Box Festival, 8 Powerkidz seasons at Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane Festival 2006 and 2009, 2009 Sydney Children's Festival, 2010 South Coast Children's Festival and in 45 other regional and metropolitan venues across Australia through two Playing Australia funded tours in 2010 and 2014.





Two of our Tashi performances, Tashi and the Mountain of White Tigers, and Tashi: Lost in the City, are currently available for touring.


Tashi is an in-theatre performance featuring two 25 minute stories with a short break in between. It plays to a maximum capacity of 300 people OR in venues where the audience sit a maximum of 15 meters from the front of the stage. It has a touring party of 6 and has a a tour ready set, lighting and sound design


DOWNLOAD: Technical Specifications for Tashi.


If you are interested in booking TASHI for your venue or festival, please contact us.

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