Thom Browning succeeds 

Mark Radvan as Imaginary Theatre

Artistic Director


February 2015


Pictured: Mark Radvan (far right) with Tashi 2007 Cast, Crew and Creatives including .





Imaginary Theatre is proud to announce that former Associate Director, Thom Browning, has suceeded Mark Radvan as Artistic Director of Imaginary Theatre.


Thom, whose directorical work 'Look' and 'The Voice in the Walls' will already be familiar with Imaginary audiences, is a founding member of Imaginary Theatre, and will lead the company into the future as we grow and develop into Queensland's premiere company creating art with and for children.


As outgoing Artistic Director, Mark Radvan will continue as Imaginary Theatre's chairperson. We wish Mark all the best, and thank him for his outstanding contribution to the company.


Some departing words from Mark are below.


" My dream of a theatre company for children, based in Queensland was born at the Out of the Box Festival in June 2004, when the very first adaptations of Anna and Barbara Fienberg’s Tashi stories were presented to children by QUT student performers. That dream came into being with the launching of Imaginary Theatre in January 2006, and its first professional season of Tashi at the 2006 Out of the Box Festival. Since then, the company has been growing steadily, such that company members are now working on Imaginary projects most weeks of the year.


This has been an extraordinary time of building artistic skills, winning audience acceptance, developing marketing and funding know-how and building strong networks with other children’s theatre and arts makers across Australia and internationally. But now, after ten years of living, breathing and dreaming children’s theatre-making, I feel it is time to make way for new ideas and fresh energies, which I am very pleased to announce will be provided by Thom Browning, who has agreed to take on the role of Imaginary Theatre’s next artistic director. I am completely confident that he brings to the job the right combination of artistic skills, leadership and vision, as well as considerable national and international contacts and connections.


Imaginary’s success so far has been built on teamwork, a love and care for our young audiences, strong creative development and an unwavering commitment to quality and to putting children first. Our next big challenge is to secure long-term financial sustainability, and I will be remaining as Chair of the Company’s Board to assist Thom Browning as the incoming artistic director, and Fiona MacDonald as the company’s general manager and creative producer, to achieve this vitally important goal.


I love this company and everything it stands for, and I feel very excited that as wonderful as the last ten years have been, the next ten will be even better, bringing us closer to achieving our mission of working with Queensland artists to bring world-class theatre and arts experiences to all Queensland children.


I would like to sincerely thank all the artists, technicians, venue managers and presenters who have believed in and helped build this company, including its original co-founders, particularly Fiona MacDonald and Thom Browning. I would also like to thank Board members past and present for their support and encouragement.


While art is our medium, what sustains us is our belief in the capacities of children in our communities and the role that the arts can play in helping them develop as fulfilled and creative individuals. I wish Thom all the best in working to make Imaginary a global force in the creation of theatre and arts experiences for children everywhere."


Mark Radvan

Imaginary Theatre Artistic Director 2006-2015


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