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Powerkids: Little Artists at Play

Early Years Arts & Creative Play Program, 2015-2020


Weekly play-based arts adventures for children aged 0-5, their parents and carers.

Little Artists at Play was a creative play workshop series for children aged 0-5 years and their parents and carers. Children and their adults engaged take part in multi-art experiences led by artist in residents from Imaginary Theatre.


Each week the host-artist will collaborate with the group on unique and engaging activities. From theatre and visual art to dance, music and digital media, there will be something to inspire everyone.


Brisbane Powerhouse

Tuesday Mornings

9am - 12pm 

Jun 2015 - April 2020

119 Lamington St

New Farm

QLD Australia

Artists in Residence

Jan - April 2020: Alinta McGrady, My Backyard

Sept - Dec 2019: Verena Curr, Upcycle

July - Sept 2019: Thom Browning, Canopy
April - June 2019: Amelia Kalifa & QUT Students, Chatterbox
Feb - April 2019: Fi MacDonald, Look at Me!

Oct - Nov 2018: Neridah Waters, Jump Jiggle Twist

July - Sept 2018: Caitlin Strongarm, Bird Brain

April - June 2018: Sue Loveday, The Exploring Drawing

Jan - April 2018: Robbie O’Brien, WeBe Robot Lab

Oct - Nov 2017: Pitisi Hatcher, Suitcases of Circus

July - Sept 2017: Frankie Jaiyeola, Je Ka Jo: Let’s Dance

April - June 2017: Sue Loveday, Tree Hugs

Jan - April 2017: Richie Daniel, Sound Planet

Oct - Dec 2016: Thom Browning,  Day Dreams

July - Sept 2016: Lara Deak, Sky Weavers

April - June 2016: Amelia Kalifa, Sounds Fishy

Jan - March 2016: Verena Curr, Storyscapes

Oct - Dec 2015: Nathan Stoneham, Play Factory

Jun - Sept 2015:Sammie Williams, Bubs n Beats


Creative Team

Fiona MacDonald Headshot.jpg
Brodie Shelley Headshot.jpg

Thom Browning





Curator / Producer

Curator / Producer

Project Coordiantor

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