Horrendo's Curse
Theatre for 6-12 year olds
(in development)








A new performance work for children aged 6-12 currently in development.


Adventure, gastronomy, and a boy cursed with politeness. This is the story of Horrendo's Curse, a swashbuckling adventure adapted from the novel by Anna Fienberg. Created specifically for 6-12 year olds, this contemporary re-think of the pirate genre cleverly combines high-paced storytelling, digital projection, and observations on the nature of friendship, peer group behaviors, and empowerment.


Since the first development of Horrendo's Curse in 2010, Imaginary Theatre joined by Brisbane theatre makers Lucas Stibbard and Neridah Waters (Boy Girl Wall, Elephant Gun), have been on a voyage to unearth their own hybrid style of 21st century adventure storytelling.


A work in progress showing of 'Horrendo's Curse' was performed at Brisbane Powerhouse's World Theatre Festival in February 2013. A design development and presentation took place with the support of Queensland Theatre Company in August 2014. 


This project has been developed with the support of Brisbane Powerhouse, Arts Queensland, Queensland Theatre Company and the Australia Council for the Arts.


Director: Sean Mee

Associate Director: Lucas Stibbard

Adaptation: Mark Radvan

Collaboratively created by: Lucas Stibbard, Neridah Waters,

Thom Browning, Sean Mee, Mark Radvan, Fiona MacDonald.

Sound Designer/Composers: Thom Browning, Peter Nelson

Animator: Pete Foley

Design Contributors: Jonathon Oxlade, Stephen Curtis


Images: Amelia Dowd




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