Giants Among Us

Outdoor digital installation created in collaboration with children.

(2009, 2010)






Towering above passers by, children peer from their vast perches. As they gaze out, they play, pace, and ask the question; do you notice us now?


A reflection on Article 13 of the UN Convention on the rights of the Child, Giants Among us is a large-scale digital sound and video installation. The work transforms inaccessible surfaces into urban playgrounds, illuminating public spaces with epic images of our smallest citizens whilst the airwaves drift with tiny voices telling of enormous ideas. Passers by become audience as they bear witness to gentle giants sharing an invitation to pause, watch and listen.


Created in collaboration with children through a series of exploratory workshops creatively investigating concepts and understandings of 'cities', Giants Among Us reminds us that the presence of children in our cities is valuable and precious. Giants Among Us was originally presented by Thom Browning (Imaginary Theatre co-founder) as part of Brisbane Festival 2009's UNDER THE RADAR 'Street Feats' program. It showed over 5 nights at 5 different sites within Brisbane's CBD.


It was also presented as 'The Tunnel Project - Giants Among Us' at the 2010 Out of the Box Festival, adapted for QPAC's pedestrian tunnel as a 5 projector installation.


Thom Browning: Artist/Producer

Amanda Karo: Workshop Co-Devisor/Co-Facilitator

Markwell Presents: Video Consultants

Fiona MacDonald: Producer on Out of the Box presentation


Images: Al Caeiro, Carinne Alder, Thom Browning







Giants Among Us is a site specific, digital installation packaged as a commission piece that can be re-developed and mounted in collaboration with children in loval communities, and then presented at venues, events and festivals. 


If you are interested in engaging Imaginary Theatre to create and present Giants Among Us in collaboration in children from your community, please get in contact.

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