COVID-19: Resources to support children & their adults.

We've been thinking lots about the children and families in our communities, and how children will be experiencing the emotional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We're not experts in this field, but we want to connect families to people who are. We've started to collect resources that might assist in families in supporting their children through these uncertain times. We will be sharing those resources on our website as we find them.


If you've come across or created a resource for children that you'd like to share, please send it to us at, or via Facebook.

Being creative and expressing ourselves through art, stories, and play is going to be as important as ever, for children and adults, as we face the challenge together, across generations.


Let's harness our own and each other's creativity to inspire each other, grow empathy and resilience, and to solve problems together.


Love and hope to you all, from us at Imaginary Theatre.

Resources for adults with children in their lives.

UNICEF Australia: How to talk to your children about coronovirus (COVID-19).

This resource is ​a fantastic place to start. It focuses on communication, honesty, creativity and sharing positive stories as a way to process this situation. We love the suggestion to get children to start creating artworks to express how they are feeling. Sometimes what children can't find the words to articulate, they can express through their artwork, sparking conversation.  

Australian Psychological Society: Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety.

This resource is useful for parents looking for support to manage their own worries about COVID-19, and includes information on how to engage in conversations with children about the pandemic and it's impact.

Child Mind Institute: Corona Virus: Parents Resource

This video from Dr. Jamie Howard at the Child Mind Institute in the USA is another very practical guide to communication with children about COVID-19. 

Psychology Today: How to Talk to Kids and Teens About the Coronavirus

This article is the first we've seen that talks specifics about appropriate responses for children of various age groups, including tips for supporting babies and toddlers, who may be picking up on change in the emotional landscape of their environment.

Psychology Today: Tips for Parenting Well in the Early Days of COVID19

Another article with very practical tips, focusing on children who have made a shift to learning from home rather than attending school. Really interesting ideas include 'zoning' your house to distinguish the purpose of spending time in each room, and one that we love, adding high quality online content by artists and creators on family viewing sessions.


Resources for adults to share with their children.

CBBC: Coronavirus: Your questions answered

This segment from Childrens BBC program 'Newsround' in the UK features Dr Zand and Dr Chris from Operation Ouch providing really clear and age-appropriate responses to children's questions about COVID-19. 

















Shona Innes Psychology: Activity book for Teachers & Parents. "Talking about coronavirus".


Shona Innes has created this story-based activity book for children, framing the conversation around the virus and some of it's potential impacts through a social narrative - a conversation between a child and their Nan.

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