An interactive
new-media installation.
(in development)


Runner up in the 2016 Brisbane Arts and Creative Industries Innovation Awards.


Circle will be a suite of interative new-media experiences where children will play in worlds of sound, light and colour. 


Circle is the brain-child of artist Luke Lickfold, an interactive systems designer who creates and programs new-media artworks using interactive technology. Currently in early stages of development, we are creating the two world-first technologies that will enable the realisation of ‘Circle’.


The Entity’, is essentially a smart ball. It is manipulated by a user within ‘The Habitat’ an immersive sound and lighting environment. The Habitat and The Entity work together to respond to user behaviour through unique kinaesthetic interactions.


Last year, with the help of lighting designer Daniel Anderson, and dancer and choreographer Sammie Williams, and supported by Brisbane City Council, we undertook first stage proof of concept development, to test if our idea was feasible. What we found was that not only did our rough prototypes of the technology work, but that the 2-10 year olds that were testing it were inherently fascinated with ‘Circle’.


It’s early days, and we have lots more research and testing to do, but dreaming ahead, we see potential of this technology to be pretty extraordinary, and are imagining a series of works will emerge. We’re imagining an immersive installation which can pop-up festivals and events, indoors or out, where children and families can drop in to play and move in sound and colour.


We’re imagining a performance where children and families will observe dancers manipulating The Entity with virtuosic play. And we’re imagining a standalone version Circle - a 21st century toy, which can be purchased, and used in the home or school.


The majority of technology for children is currently screen-based, offering mostly passive interactions that don’t facilitate the active play that’s crucial to children’s physical, neurological and social development. One of the things we loved about Circle is that it seeks to solve this problem, creating technological platforms for children that nurture their in-built capacity for physically active, kinaesthetic, and creative play. 

The potential for this project is extraordinary, but we need some help to develop the initial technology and realise our dreams. We are currently crowdfunding, seeking support for the delivery of our Phase 2  research and development in October 2016.



This project is being created in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse with support from Brisbane City Council, and has been supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Plus1 funding initiative. 


Sound Interactive Systems Designer: Luke Lickfold

Director & Sound Designer: Thom Browning


Image: Thom Browning

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